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Loveworld 360 FAQ
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Q. Can I change the FROM: address on my Loveworld 360 account?

A. Yes, Loveworld 360 supports aliasing. To add a new FROM: address, click on "settings" then "Email settings" then "add a new address." You must confirm that you receive mail at the new address before you can send from it using your Loveworld 360 account.

Q. How many aliases can I use with Loveworld 360?

A. You may have 20 total FROM: addresses, the root username plus 19 aliases.

Q. Can I set a different reply-to for an alias?

A. Yes, click on "settings" then "accounts" then the "edit" link next to the alias you want to set.

Q. Does Loveworld 360 filter viruses?

A. Yes, Loveworld 360 scans attachments for viruses when they are opened on the webmail application and when they are sent from your account. Virus scanning may not be disabled.

Q. How do I invite someone to Loveworld 360?

A. From the home page you will see Sharing with friends, and then click on “Start Sharing!!!” to invite your friends from other networks. OR Log into http://www.loveworld360.com/auth/sociox/invite.php

Q. I would like a Loveworld 360 invite. Where can I find a free Loveworld 360 invite?

A. Go to: SHARE, you will be able to invite friends from other networks. From the option, enter your alternative E-mail address, Password and E-mail Provider, then import.

Q. How can I make POP and SMTP work?

A. Make sure that you have enabled POP in the settings of your Loveworld 360 account, and that you have saved the settings. Make sure that your full username @ loveworld360.com is in your client settings (not just username)

Q. Can I use IMAP/POP3 access on Loveworld360?

A. Your email account is enabled with IMAP/POP3 access. Using your favorite mail-client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail you can access your account with ease. You can also set up your email account on your mobile devices such as IPhone, BlackBerry, IPad etc.

Q. How many recipients can I send an e-mail to at one time?

A. 50.

Q. How can I import contacts?

A. You need a .csv file (Comma Delimited File). You can create one with a spreadsheet program. Note that you have to have a header row across the top, and make sure that your spreadsheet saves it as .csv file. "Name","E-mail Address","Phone Number","Address" "Andy","a...@ loveworld360.com","702-711-7777","123 Paradice Las Vegas NV"

Q. How can I forward an e-mail to a list of my contacts?

A. Want to forward an e-mail to a list of recipients? Here's how.
1. Open Contacts
2. Select all contacts you want to send the mail to.
3. Click New, the New Email
4. Your mailing list appears in the TO: field properly formatted for Loveworld 360.
5. Right click "select all" and copy the list to clipboard.
6. Delete the blank e-mail
7. Open the e-mail you want to forward
8. Paste the list into the TO: CC: or BCC: as you wish.
9. Find it in your sent mail and label it "friends"
10. Next time you want to e-mail friends, click on label "friends" and copy the address list.

Q. How can I move my contacts from one Loveworld 360 account to another?

A. There is an easy workaround if you want to export your contacts to another Loveworld 360 account, or any account that auto-adds your recipients to contacts. (Loveworld 360 does by default.) On the account that you want to export, click on "contacts", then click on "all contacts" then select "all". Click "New Email" and all your contacts will be in the TO: field. Copy them to clipboard and sign out of your account. Sign into the account where you wish to upload your contacts. Click on "New Email" and paste your contacts into the "bcc" field and send a "new addy " note to all your contacts. (Put your own addy in the TO;) They will be auto-added to the contacts in your new account. Be sure to BCC! :)

Q. What are advanced search operators?

A. Advanced search operators allow you to fine-tune your Loveworld 360 search. They can be used to set up filters and labels for your incoming mail.

Q. How much does Loveworld360 cost?

A. Loveworld360 is completely free. You don't have to pay for filters, POP or special webmail options. To get started, all you need is to visit http://www.loveworld360.com/index_acct.php. Enjoy! Creating an Account

What is a Loveworld360 Identity?

LoveWorld 360 - your gateway into a world of possibilities - now offers the brilliant opportunity to have ahead of time, an email address which doubles as your username. Imagine being able to reserve a username which grants you access to all that LoveWorld 360 has to offer, a username that gives you your very own online identity. Your LoveWorld 360 username is your passport into the unique world of LoveWorld 360; an avenue to express yourself and be fulfilled, and of course, to have lots more fun! Give yourself an identity on LoveWorld 360, reserve your desired username right away by visiting the LoveWorld 360 home page http://www.loveworld360.com and be connected!!!

Signing Up

Anyone in the world is now welcome to create a Loveworld360 address at http://www.loveworld360.com/index_acct.php
1) Open an Internet browser and go to the Loveworld360 registration page by clinking on the link above.
2) Type in your desired username, by typing in the address that you would like to have. Remember that the address will automatically end with @loveworld360.com.
3) Type in the account password you would like to use. The password must contain 6 to 8 letters or numbers. Retype the password.
4) Type in your alternative email address to receive the confirmation of your new account you created.
5) Read the service terms and click "I Agree."
6) Enter the character code displayed and click “Sign Up”

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